About Jeff

After a variety of careers in media, engineering and public lands management, Jeff submitted to the call and became an educator ten years ago. “It always seemed to be a matter of when, not if, I would follow my dad’s footsteps as a teacher.” he notes.

His first job as a teacher forced him to reconsider his traditional narrative of learning. Assigned to a multi-aged, rural middle school class with sixty-five students, three teachers and one large room, he began to think that maybe school didn’t have to mean desks in rows and endless lectures. A couple of years and a school change later, he was asked to pilot the first 1-to-1 student laptop class in his hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Based on the success of the initial 1-to-1 program, Jeff was tagged as a school-based Technology Learning Mentor for School District 18, charged with supporting over 40 teachers and 800 students as the 1-to-1 program was expanded school wide. For the past four years he has continued to help schools and educators throughout his district interrupt their traditional industrial narrative of school and replace it with a connected and collaborative model with students as digital content creators assuming a central thesis for the learning.

In addition to his day job, Jeff has shared his stories about the intersection of learning and the web at various conferences and professional learning events across North America and also teaches courses about the web as a learning tool in the undergraduate Education program at the University of New Brunswick. To find out more visit his blog at http://jeffwhipple.ca.