Collaborative Learning

Being a connected learner is essential to being a successful citizen in the global community of the 21st Century. No longer can the static and scarcity of the physical information world suffice for learners, nor can their teachers be expected to know all it is they wish to learn. Fortunately, the answers lie out there in the digital realm, in the form of digital information and connections with experts from around the world.

To that end I believe that learners the world over have many great learning stories to share with and from each other. Over the past several years I have organized, supported and participated in a variety of student collaborative projects which are sampled below.

Co-organized with Kim Cofino at International School Bangkok, this project saw over 500 K-6 students at 30+ schools from around the world participate in a collaborative writing workshop.



Featuring French Second Language classes at Nashwaaksis Middle School and The American School of Bombay in Mumbai, this project allowed students to share stories of their distinct cultures and also learn that students were much alike across the world.

A blog-based collaborative novel study with students at Nashwaaksis Middle School and Grand Manan Community School, including local author Dr. Kendrick Lacey and his novels Flu Shot and Two Island Light.