Learning Leadership

The test of a learning leader in the 21st Century is not how much information they can accumulate, but rather how much information they are willing to share.

I am not only a passionate learner, but also encourage others to share and learn as well. In addition to supporting teachers and students in my role as a Technology Learning Mentor, I have also proven myself to be a learning leader, encouraging others to value personal learning and growth through sharing.

Invited to present / share at numerous learning conferences and staff professional events throughout North America.

Co-founded and co-organized a summer professional learning event for teachers from throughout New Brunswick (and beyond) focused on technology-enriched learning environments. Over 150 attendees in 2010, this summer over 200 educators are currently registered.

Through my previous presentations, NMS was selected at the 2009 Spotlight School at the prestigious Laptop Institute. I organized fourteen staff, including administrators, teachers and technical support staff, who were able to attend and showcase the innovative and exciting learning taking place in the 1:1 student laptop project at Nasis Middle.

Coordinate professional development activities for NBTA Branch 1826, including supporting teachers personal and professional learning and collaborating with district staff to organize collaborative staff development days.

Featured as a learning leader in Ed-Tech Magazine article “Pointers on measuring success — from three programs that work“.


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